Friday, 8 September 2017

Na Deedi Gahy by Chi Zoro Javed Gluttonous Hanako Book in Urdu PDF

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Japanese Book in Urdu by Ishii Momoko 

ندیدی گائے

 چی زورو جاوید

Na Deedi Gahy Chi Zoro Javed

Na Deedi Gahe this is Urdu version of Japanese book Gluttonous Hanako a Japanese story in Urdu translation written by Ishii Momoko and translate into the Urdu language by Chi Zoro Javed, A spoiled, greedy cow becomes fatter and fatter (with picture). Free PDF download or read online Japanese literature in Urdu book as long as 37 pages and download file size 1.5 MB. Aik Khrab Lalchi Gahy ka kisa jo Kah Kah k Jisam ko Mota charbi bana de ta hy. you may also read children's Urdu books or kids books in Urdu Shareer Murga and Kids Education Urdu Book.
Kids Urdu Stories
Japaneses Urdu story

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Pyaasa Sawan Urdu Novel by Gulshan Nanda PDF Free Download

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Pyasa Sawan Indian Social Stories in Urdu PDF Book

پیاسا ساون

 گلشن نندہ

Pyasa Sawan Gulshan Nanda

Pyaasa Sawan Urdu Novel authored by Gulshan Nanda now download PDF format or read online from this blog selected from Gulshan Nanda novels list. This is romantic and beautiful social novel in local Urdu language which depicts some consuming issues and difficulties of Indian culture. The author examined the sentiment adore for anybody. He told the significance of adoration and relations for a glad life. Gulshan Nanda is the popular Indian Story and novelist writer he composed book many local languages like Hindi and Urdu. He also authored some script of Indian film industry Bollywood which got an immense energy about the watchers. This novel in Urdu as long as 235 pages and PDF file size 2.4 MB. You can also visit more romantic Urdu stories Silsale Dil Ke and Dilip Kumar Romance

Indian Urdu stories Book
Social Indian novels

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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sorry Mummy by Ismat Chughtai Afsanay Urdu Short Stories PDF Book

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Best Urdu Afsana Book PDF Free Download 

سوری ممی

 عصمت چغتائی

ismat chughtai short stories

Best free Afsanay (Short novels) of famous Urdu literature writer Ismat Chughtai for free download in PDF format or read online, the title name of this book "Sorry Mummy". It is a great gathering of some Urdu short stories which depicts diverse issues and problems of the general population. The essayist concentrated on the issues of the females in our general public. She censured the practices of the men towards the ladies. Ismat Chughtai is the best Urdu writer she writes some top story, Afsanay and novels now this book as long as 78 pages and files size 4.7 MB. you may read Bari Sharam Ki Baat and Ganjay Farishtay.

Sorry Mummy Ismat Chughtai
ismat chughtai novels

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Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh Pdf Urdu Book Free Download

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Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh
Free download or read online free Urdu book "Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh" (The ethnic history of Afghans). Read this Urdu book and discover the history of Afghanistan its people and ethnic groups in the Urdu language. Afghano Ki Nasli Tareekh Urdu book is authored by Mr. Roshan Khan Roshan who is himself a Pakhtoon. In this book, the author Roshan Khan Roshan has written everything about Afghan land and Afghans. This Urdu book will help you increase your knowledge about Afghan people. The author has also discussed whether Pakthoons are from Bani Israel or not.

Afghano Ki Nasli Tareekh Urdu book is detailed Urdu book where you will also read the ancient history of Afghanistan in the Urdu language. This is a comprehensive and well written Urdu book about the Afghans' history.

Afghano Ki Naslee Tareekh by Khan Roshan Khan is here in Pdf format. You can free download and read online this Urdu Book from the table below the following sample pages.

Contents/Sample Pages of the Urdu History Book "Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh" By Khan Roshan Khan

Contents of Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh

Contents of Afghanon Ki Nasli Tareekh Urdu Book\

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Sau Saal Baad By Naseem Hijazi Urdu Novel Free Download In PDF

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So Sal Bad Novel PDF Free Download

سو سال بعد 

نسیم حجازی

Sau Saal Baad Naseem Hijazi

Free read online or download in PDF format very famous Urdu novel 100 Saal Baad means After Hundred Years very popular Urdu stories writer Naseem Hijazi real name Shareef Husain.It is funny in a strange and very interesting Urdu book in which he depicted the nonexistent changed on our planet following hundred years (So Saal Baad). He parodies at the quick advance of the world and the innovation. Naseem Hijazi writes a lot of famous Islamic historical fiction Urdu novels. Now you can also read another copy of this book Sau Saal Baad from this blog and you may be download Qaisar o Kisra novel.

so sal bad novel

100 Saal Baad Urdu Novels

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Musarraton Ka Sheher by Razia Butt PDF Urdu Novel Free Download

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Famous Urdu Beautiful Romantic Story in PDF

مسرتوں کا شہر

 رضیہ بٹ

Musarraton Ka Sheher Novel

Get another free Urdu novel Musarraton Ka Sheher (The city of Happiness) written by famous Pakistani Female author Ms. Razia Butt who is very popular Urdu novels and stories writer, he writes many Urdu story books now this is free pdf format literature for download or read online. this is the perfect work of art of Ms. Razia Butt who endeavored to make such a breathtaking and delightful Urdu fiction story, book as long as 230 pages and download file size 10 MB. You may read Koi Deepak Ho and Ek Larki.

Razia Butt Novels Urdu

Safar Teen Darweshon Ka Travelogue Urdu Book by Akhter Mamoonka

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Travel Story of 3 Persons in Urdu Book PDF Download

سفر تین درویشوں کا

 محمد اختر ممونکا

Safar Teen Darweshon Ka

Safar Teen Darweshun Ka (Travel of 3 Darwish's) written by Muhammad Akhter Mamoonka read online or free download PDF Urdu Safarnama. A very funny and interesting Urdu Tanz o maza book, this book about traveling to particular places of three persons in Urdu, read in this book travelogue story of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines. Travelogue of 3 persons first Sala Udin Lagari, Syed Muhammad Galib, and Muhammad Akhter Mamoonka. total 246 pages and PDF file 4 MB. You may read Khana Badosh by Mustansar Hussain Tarar and Jahan-e-Deedah by Shaykh-Mufti-Taqi Usmani.

Travel story book

Travelogue Urdu Book