Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Safar Teen Darweshon Ka Travelogue Urdu Book by Akhter Mamoonka

Travel Story of 3 Persons in Urdu Book PDF Download

سفر تین درویشوں کا

 محمد اختر ممونکا

Safar Teen Darweshon Ka

Safar Teen Darweshun Ka (Travel of 3 Darwish's) written by Muhammad Akhter Mamoonka read online or free download PDF Urdu Safarnama. A very funny and interesting Urdu Tanz o maza book, this book about traveling to particular places of three persons in Urdu, read in this book travelogue story of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines. Travelogue of 3 persons first Sala Udin Lagari, Syed Muhammad Galib, and Muhammad Akhter Mamoonka. total 246 pages and PDF file 4 MB. You may read Khana Badosh by Mustansar Hussain Tarar and Jahan-e-Deedah by Shaykh-Mufti-Taqi Usmani.

Travel story book

Travelogue Urdu Book

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